Makings of a Lullaby

Makings of a Lullaby
Photo by Carlo Navarro / Unsplash

Having recently welcomed a new baby boy into this world, I figured it would be appropriate to look into lullabies.

The most popular lullaby playlist on Spotify is Baby Sleep.

As of 12/17/2021, the Baby Sleep playlist:

  • Has 515,984 likes
  • Contains 302 songs for a total of 8 hours and 49 minutes

Audio Features

Now let's take a look at the median values for the audio features as a radar chart.

Audio Feature Radar Chart

Lullabies (at least in this playlist) tend to have very high acousticness and instrumentalness. In other words, the songs tend to be primarily acoustic instrumental versions. This is further reinforced by such a low value for speechiness.

Energy and tempo are on the low side, thank God. Would hate to throw on this playlist and have my baby up and at 'em more than he already is.

No surprises here (at least for me), we're all very familiar with lullabies. But I am curious, are there any popular lullabies that are anomalies that go against these norms?