As opposed to what one usually does with music, The Record Industry visualizes it as data. I want to explore what makes music and the music industry tick. Beyond that, I want to help it tick more efficiently.

I am Will Sovine and I am a Data Scientist, Developer, and Music City Native.

Before creating The Record Industry, I created SOMRE, a sight built with the goal of allowing users to trade fractional shares of music rights. One thing I quickly realized is how non-existent and fragmented music data is.

With the data difficulties in mind, The Record Industry has 3 sequential goals:

  1. Collate Information - data records on music records (The RECORD Industry - get it?)
  2. Analyze and Visualize - provide insights that those involved in the music industry find useful and that music lovers find enjoyable
  3. Provide Data - If successful in plugging the gaps that exists today, The Record Industry would like to provide an API for others interested in the data collected

The Record Industry is where I will share progress and insights into music data.